Collection: Archived ~Sold Quilts and More

Quilts and other items on this page are already sold, but I encourage one to check out my sold items, as I occasionally will come across another item that is similar, of course not exact.

Remember quilts are one of a kind and the uniqueness of them make them a very reasonable collectible textile.

Each quilt is made by an individual woman or child or man or boy or possibly a group of people and there won't be another precisely like the one sold.

In my opinion vintage and antique quilts on the market today are a great value overall especially when buying condition, quality, workmanship and design.

So don’t let the one you have your eye on get away.

I  hear frequently, “why didn’t I get that when I saw it “!!! 

Thank you to all that have purchased quilts, tops, and more from us over the past 30 some years.

We love knowing that so many of our quilts now are part of another persons life and enjoyment. 

May they continue to be passed on to future generations and may their stories be told. 

We thank everyone and appreciate their purchases.