Customer Comments

On this page I am sharing some of my customers comments in regards to their purchases.
I love to hear back when the item is received. Thanks for viditing my web shop !!
I hope you find that special treasure and come back for more to add to a collection or whatever the need may be.

“Dear Cindy, My quilt arrived today....I am just thrilled with it, and am so glad that I decided I should buy it within about 30 seconds...a very wise decision. And thank you for the magazine with the article....I will read it to night. If you ever want to start a section on your website where people can recommend you, please let me know...I am more than grateful you do layaway, and your quilts are beautiful. Thanks again!”  Ann

“They are great...especially the pink flower one. Thanks so much. “ B

“Hi, I received the quilt today, and just think it is great. It will be the perfect addition to my Halloween decor as well as my other vintage quilts. Thanks again, “Susie

“Hi Cindy! Great news- the lovely quilts is here, it was held up by customs, I think.”

“Dear Cindy, I received my fan quilt yesterday, in perfect condition. I hung it up on my display wall last night - looks fabulous!” I

“Hi Cindy, My beautiful quilts arrived Friday. But so busy that I did not get to open them until Monday. You know me pretty well and of course they are just what I need. Thank you so much,” R.

“The bed arrived today. I haven't had a chance to put it together but it looks just fine and will match the other pieces perfectly. “M- Arizona

“Cindy, Enjoyed meeting you and your husband. I love my red and white lone star and my daughter loves her quilt as well. Will check your web-site from time to time. Thanks so much.” Barbara

“Hello Cindy, The Blue & White Hawaiian Quilt just arrived. It's so much more wonderful than I remembered!!! It's pretty exciting!” N.

“The Courthouse steps looks wonderful, it's very graphic from afar and then there are all these wonderful fabrics to discover up close “M.

“The quilt arrived safely today! It is so lovely! Thank you! I love looking at your web site and look forward to finding some more treasures!” P California

“Cindy- got all the blankets. They are great, thanks”.

“Cindy & Ron, Thank you for the Dresden Plate quilt. It arrived in good shape and is already on display in my office/studio. “ New Mexico

 “Dear Cindy, My quilt arrived today....I am just thrilled with it, and am so glad that I decided I should buy it within about 30 seconds...a very wise decision. And thank you for B

“Hi, I received the quilt today, and just think it is great. It will be the perfect addition to my Halloween decor as well as my other vintage quilts. Thanks again,” Susie

“Hi Cindy, My beautiful quilts arrived Friday. But so busy that I did not get to open them until Monday. You know me pretty well and of course they are just what I need. Thank you so much,”R.

“Cindy - The quilt arrived (yellow and white tree of life) it is lovely and I am really very happy to have it.”LK

“Yes, I like Blue Baskets very much. It's so fresh and clean and cheerful. I'll be watching your website for other temptations.” P

*Dear Cindy, Thank you so much; it is a beautiful quilt, arrived in about six days. I am a very lucky girl Thanks again. L.B.

*Quilts are great, I am having trouble trying to decide on which one to give to which daughter. Thank you for your attention it is nice to do business with you. E.

*yes!! and thanks very much!! They are really nice and I am very pleased!! L.S.

*Cindy...The quilt arrived safe and sound.J.B.

*Dear Cindy: The quilt arrived on Wednesday. It looks great. Thanks for your help and interest! A. C.

*Hi Cindy, I just wanted to tell you my quilt arrived yesterday safe and sound. It's beautiful! Thanks again for holding it on layaway for me. D.D.

*Hi Cindy, My quilt arrived last week and I love it. I will just hoard and covet it. S. 1-30-07

*Cindy, The quilt arrived! Thanks very much, S. 1-3-07

*Dear Cindy, I am enjoying my quilts very much!! My husband purchased them.... They are just gorgeous - They make me smile every time I walk in my room and see them! P. 2-07

*The blue and white quilt arrived yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine how anyone could quilt with such tiny stitches. I am so pleased.
*Thank you. Again, I am thrilled with my quilt. It is so perfect and pristine. J.

*The blanket is lovely and very much appreciated. N. 6/07

*Hi Cindy, A note to let you know that my dog and cat quilt arrived, and I love it! It is really cute! Thank you! N. 6/07

*The quilt is even more beautiful than I anticipated. Thanks so much. F. 6/07

*Hi Cindy, The quilt arrived Friday - thank you! It's exactly what I was hoping for. The colors are bright and true. K. 7/

*Hi Cindy I received my dogwood quilt a couple of weeks ago and it is beautiful--I just love it. P.L. 8/07

*Hi Cindy - The quilt (blue and white Irish chain) arrived yesterday. I'm very happy with it, love the soft blue color. Thanks very much. I will check your website again in the future. LK 9/07

*Re: Beacon blanket...I got, and I love it. Thanks so much for check ing:-)A. 2/08

*Hi Cindy, The blanket made it Saturday and looks great. Thanks for sending it so quickly. Thanks, K.3/08

*Dear Cindy, We got the quilt this afternoon. It is wonderful and in very good condition. We are looking forward to see more beautiful quilts at your site.

*Thank you very much. A &R 4/08

*Thank you Cindy -- got the quilt today -- it's absolutely perfect! M. 4-08

*Hi Cindy, My quilt arrived, it is lovely!! Thank you very much!!!! M. 6-08

*Hi Cindy and Ron, You probably know that the chintz quilt arrived at its new home last week. It's still as gorgeous as I remember it - .,.,MJ

*The quilt came yesterday, and really is wonderful. Thanks! S.N.

*Dear Cindy, The parcel arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with the top. Such great fabrics and I love the colors. Kindest regards, K.H.

*Just adore it...the best of the collection of thirty years. D.

*Hi, We received the quilt as quickly as you said and it is exactly what we wanted. We'll be sure to check your site in the future for more treasures! T.

*Hi Cindy, The quilt arrived today. Wow! Was that fast!

*My quilt arrived today. It's beautiful! I am ordering two more. Thank you for the fast shipping. That was very nice of you. Thank you so much. G.

*Morning Cindy: Yes, I received them this week, but just got around to opening up the box last night. I had forgotten how beautiful the red quilt was. Now to find a place for it, in my home. Thanks again for letting me put them on lay-a-way. N.

*Hi Cindy The quilt arrived and it is beautiful. The stitching and quilting patterns are exquisite. The golden yellow color works beautifully . Thanks for taking layaway. Will check the website in the future. L. 3-09

*Hi Cindy, Yes, the quilts did arrive and they are beautiful! R.

*Hello there Cindy, I love the quilt it is just gorgeous, and looks a treat on my bed, and no doubt I will be talking to you again. D. 2-09

*Dear Cindy, Yes the quilt came Wednesday. I am very happy with it. P

*It's here and quite wonderful. Thanks. S. 6-09

*Cindy, The quilt arrived, it's in perfect shape, and I love it! Thanks so much-- it really is a treasure. B. 9-09

Hi Cindy, Received the beautiful quilt and am very pleased with it. C.10-09
I received it. It is beautiful and will make a wonderful birthday gift for my mother. The fact that the quilt top is more than 100 years old will also appeal to her, and the craftsmanship of the piecing is excellent. Thank you!

Hi again, I just received the quilt and I love it! I just might keep it for myself. Thanks so much. M.B. 8-10

Cindy, Sorry! I should have written right away. It did arrive and it is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the great service! C. 9-2010

Hi Cindy, The quilt arrived safely today (which is a dry, clear day, two days ago it was pouring rain and I was so glad it did not arrive that day). It is even better than portrayed on the website. Thanks again for letting me pay it out. K. 9-2010

Cindy, They arrived and are great! Thank you, S. 10-2010

Hello Cindy, Just to let you know I received the quilt tops today. Thanks for all you help and I hope to do further business with you in the future.Warmest Wishes.

Quilts arrived safely today, and they are wonderful! Thank you so much!!!3-11

Thanks so much Cindy. The book arrived in excellent condition on Saturday. My friend said she has found media mail quicker than regular and sometimes even Priority. S. 3-2011

Dear Cindy, My quilts arrived a short time ago, and I am absolutely thrilled with them. Thanks for yo waiting for. 1. 3- its were definitely worth

Cindy, I keep forgetting to e-mail you and let you know that my top arrived on Monday. Sorry. It is quite beautiful. M. 3-2011

Hi Cindy, It's here and it's wonderful! I find it hard to imagine where it was kept to be in such good condition after 100 years. Thanks again for the great service and patience. R.S 5-2011

Your feedsack just arrive. I'm very happy. thank you for your kindness~ have a nice day.  SC 7-11

Hi Cindy, Today my Irish Chain quilt arrived. I just love it and have it on my quilt rack. Thank you. A P 8-11

Hi Cindy, I received my quilt top in the mail today. It is an absolute beauty!
I can't believe how vibrant the colours are, I had not imagined they would be so strong! Thank you so much for such a beautiful product and also for being so helpful. Thanks, E. 9-2011

Good Morning! Meant to do this earlier, but just wanted you let you know the quilt arrive quickly and safely. Thank you. It's quite lovely. I love pieces like this with all this information - and so many questions. Will check back to your site to see what is new. Sincerely, M. 10-11

Hello Cindy, The quilt was delivered safely to my address in Hawaii. Thank you.

Please email me the details of this particular quilt - the approximate date when it was made, where it was made, and for what reason, if any. Regards, E. 10-2011

Hi, Cindy, YES! And it is prettier than I remembered it! I shared it with all the people here at work and they loved it, too, but then...who wouldn't!
Thank you, again, so very much for working with me on these. I really appreciate it! Sincerely, K. 10-2011

Hi Cindy I have received the quilts and they are wonderful! Not only beautiful but full of history and mystery. Thank you so much, K. 3-2012

Hi Cindy, The quilt arrived yesterday the 10th and I picked it up today. I love it; I'll let you know what I find out about the names. Cheers, R. S. 4-2012

Hello Cindy, I have just taken delivery of the two quilts and I'm delighted with them, thank you so much, they will be treasured and past on. thrilled to bits Y. 9-2012

Got 'em! They're beautiful. Thank you. A. S. 3-2012

Cindy, The quilt arrived. I love it. Thanks, j 7-2012

Thanks Cindy! Very excited to receive your package!! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again, D. F. 11-2013

Yes I received them and they are at there new home in California. They are beautiful. Thank you again. Yes it did. Thank you so much. It is beautiful L.2-2014

*I did receive the top in good order. I love the top more than I did when I purchased it. Thanks for checking with me. M.A. 5-14

*Hi Cindy, The Tulip quilt has safely arrived. I like it, especially the quilting!
*At the moment it graces my antique brass bed very nicely! Thank you and hopefully another time. Yours, B

*Just got home from the post office with my wonderful new quilt. It is beautiful and I will enjoy researching it as much as I am able. Thanks, R 1-2015

*Hi Cindy, I received the quilt this morning. The Brides quilt is beautiful!!!! I can't be happier with it. Have it on my quilt rack in the living room so pretty there. thank you so much !!! P 1-2015

*Cindy, the blanket is absolutely beyond beautiful and better than even I had imagined. Thank you for finding it. 
NOTE ,, when time allows I’ll love to share more notes from the new homes my quilts have moved to ..