Frequently Asked Questions

Quilt & More Questions  


1….Do we sell quilts know as cutters? And do we make crafts and other items from quilts?

My answer to what’s known as “cutter” or quilts to recycle, we do occasionally offer quilts that have some damage, wear, and other issues. It’s up to the buyer as to how they want to use it.

We personally do not make items from quilts. From our inventory we do have some fragments of quilts or tops from past purchases and there have been times where I purchased fragments because I liked the pattern or the colors and feel they could be enjoyed in another form.

Many will frame blocks or create something sentimental or useful from damaged quilts . It’s all in the eyes and wishes of the buyer.  

I do spend time doing minor repairs and restoration of my personal quilts. 

2…..Do we offer Layaway?  Yes,  but you’ll need to contact me directly for that service as there’s not a menu for that on the site. 

There is an option in checkout called Shop Pay Installments where one may pay using that method. Please read the terms of that service as it is part of a service of Shopify. 

3….Do I ship internationally?  Yes, to several places outside the U.S.

 I currently ship to Canada, the UK, and Australia .

If you are in another country please email me and request if I can ship to your region, but please reach out before purchasing. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently I will be sending a separate invoice for shipping until that detail is worked out if you have an address out of the country. 

So International customers from Canada, the UK, and Australia, please  go ahead and check out and I will send a separate invoice after shipping and insurance is calculated.

If you are able to check out, I can always adjust the cost afterwards if necessary. 

4….Do I buy quilts?  Yes, I do buy, but I would like one to have a price in mind what is wanted for the item. I do buy quality antique quilts.

5….Do you appraise quilts?   No, although qualified to value and review an antique quilt there are people that are certified appraisers and I suggest that if one wants to know what their quilt is worth to contact one of the certified appraisers or a person that has appraisal experience. 

One may go to the American Quilters Association web site and locate the link to appraisers and go that route. There is a fee for this service.

Remember these appraisers are using their expertise to tell you what your quilt is worth. Usually there is a written appraisal, but some do a shortened verbal. Contact one for information.

6….Why get my quilt appraised?  Again, there are many reasons for getting your quilt appraised.

One is for replacement value. If you have a fire or the quilt is lost or stolen or damaged you have an established value for your records.

Also insurance will have this credible value for your quilt.

Another reason is for donation value, and another is for fair market value.

There are different types of appraisals. 

There are people that specialize in quilt appraisals.
There are 
some that appraise antiques in general, but specialized quilt appraisers are generally more up to date on the present market.

Some of the notes on the appraisals may include Physical Description, Workmanship, Condition, Provenance and Documentation.

7…..Do I wet clean quilts for people?  Not generally .

8….Do I wash my quilts ?

Yes, I do wash many of my quilts, sometimes only to freshen them up, sometimes because they have age staining or spots, and sometimes they have been in homes where they have picked up an odor, so that being said, yes, many  have been washed by me and sometimes it’s their first wash.

A quilt does not always need washing.
There are some quilts that are in the condition where they don’t require it nor do they need it and it’s not necessary.

Some quilts are just so fragile that they should not be washed or wet cleaned.
In that case, my quilts are aired outside and one should be ready to enjoy it as is. 

Sometimes I actually just rinse a quilt with plain water.

 I do dry my quilts outside on the grass, if possible,  as all that depends on the weather.   When dried inside they are laid flat on the floor on a sheet  under fans.

I do not have quilts dry cleaned. I do not recommend dry cleaning quilts either. 

9….Do I repair or do restoration of quilts for the public? No, sorry, just the ones I own.  It can be a labor of love to do restoration. There are people that offer that service. 

10….Will I sell your quilt on consignment?   I prefer to buy and take responsibility for the quilt on my own.
 So if you have a  quilt or quilts for sale, please reach out and have in mind what you are going to ask for it.