Collection: A Highlight Collection/ Theme of Quilts/Blue & White American Classic Quilts

Watch for special TIMED QUILT DROPS ******

These will be select Collections of a theme, technique, style, time period,  etc .

This late eve Saturday night drop includes a couple great blue and white quilts, both having the similar indigo fabrics that many of us love.
These are true American classic quilts.  

They are part of our history in quilt making when considering that these circa 1880’s quilts were made from scratch . Fabric gathering,  stitching together blocks to make a top, putting a batting in the middle which was probably hand carded, adding a backing which was pieced together and then hand quilting all 3 layers together. 
This all took days, weeks, or months to do. 

So this page will not be “live” all the time.