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Antique- Vintage Quilt Blocks

Antique and vintage quilt blocks. What do you do with them??
Often they are bought to set together like they would have been in times past.

"Old quilts" can be recreated with old quilt blocks using good reproduction fabric or locating some old fabric to sash them with. They can be appliqued onto other fabric. They are often framed or made into crafts. They can be put in a quilt top with other different patterned blocks making a sampler quilt.

Some collect just for the sake of collecting and many buy for the wonderful old fabrics used. Sometimes they are purchased just because the pattern is unusual. Designers buy with thoughts of recreating or just getting ideas.

Some are bought because they remind one of "grandma's quilts" or maybe that special dress or apron from years ago. Sometimes they are used for the repair of another old quilt and the fabrics are "just right" for the repair.

And then,,, there are some of us that just like to add to our "stash" of old textiles!!

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