The Betty Haines Collection & Art Quilts


The quilts on this page will be from the estate of Betty Jo Haines, (1925-2006). The link to the quilts is located on the Home Page as you scroll down. 

This is a special collection of quilts mainly from 1980's to the time of her passing. Betty Jo Schroeder Haines was an award winning quilt maker and an early modern era promoter. She promoted the art of quilting.

She was the founder and first president of the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. She was inspiration, motivator and COQG Project Coordinator for collecting original copies of the quilt patterns that appeared in the Kansas City Star Newspaper from 1928 through 1961.

During the late 1980's she one of the guild members of the Oklahoma Heritage Project who traveled the state to photograph over 4,000 quilts made prior to 1940. She also collected many antique quilts and some tops in her travels.

She loved quilt books too and I don't think there were many quilt books out there that she didn't have a copy of. She loved to acquire fabric, like so many quilters do...

Betty lived on a farm near Hydro, Oklahoma. I personally saw Betty at the shows with a display of Kansas City quilt blocks. She was a special quilt lady and I feel fortunate to have acquired some of her quilts and books at a public auction after her passing.

I feel privileged to offer her handwork and art of the quilt to those that appreciate quality. Many of her quilts that I acquired had an Amish/ Mennonite look. Also some can fit in an Art Quilt category. 

In this collection included will be a few bed size quilts, many wall size quilts and a few considered doll size quilts. Some were hand quilted, some machine quilted and she usually noted the quilter and maker on a label that she put on the backing of many of her quilts.

 Some of her wall quilts, I have donated to the AQS National Quilt Museum Auction in Paducah, Ky. held during the Annual Quilt Show so that money they brought could be used to continue further education and exhibits.