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America Collects-Patriotic Exhibit!!

America Collects-Patriotic Quilts-

This page is dedicated to the men and women who serve our country, the U.S.A. This is part of the collection of quilts that were exhibited at the fall 2010 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. The selections are being offered for sale from my collection.  Enjoy.....!!

World War ll Feedsack Quilt-Kents-United Nations -SOLD

Offering this patriotic WWll quilt made from feedsacks from the 1940's. The quilt is in excellent condition. It was one that was exhibited in the 2010 Houston,Texas International Quilt Festival exhibit, America Collects! The quilt is made from the highly collectible feedsacks called Kents Cloth of the United Nations.  There's lots of images depicting the war time. The fabric, feedsacks, was printed by Percy Kent of Buffalo, New York using about  38 wartime symbols.  The quilt is tied with red and white floss. For the edge the maker did a knife edge and hand stitched it together in a running stitch. There's a sleeve on the back top edge for displaying it on a wall. It is rare to find an entire large quilt made in that time period using these sacks. Often the single feed sacks are in collections from this particular print. South Carolina

(Item: Q-816)
Red, White & Blue Tumbling Blocks Quilt Top- Exhibited

This visual Tumbling Blocks or Baby Blocks vintage quilt top is in excellent condition. It is all hand pieced. Made with  strong solids of red, white and blue fabrics that  appear to be circa 1940's. It also has a triple border of the 3 colors. Sometimes solids can be harder to date, but feel this is probably a World War II quilt. This is one of the pieces that were exhibited in the America Collects-Patriotic Quilts in Houston, Tx. 2010 that came out of my collection. The top was board mounted and displayed well. It's a nice top to keep as is or can be quilted. Acquired in New Mexico.

Price: $450.00
(Item: QT-683)
Four Block Applique Eagle Quilt-Border- Exhibited-SOLD

Offering this antique Eagle 4 block quilt with a triple border. The quilt is in excellent/very good condition with no wear. It is hand quilted at 7-8 spi and the applique is done by both hand and machine.The way the eagles are placed makes it a good wall quilt as they are all directional and also looks great on a bed. This was one of the quilts on display at the International Quilt Festival , 2010, in the exhibit America Collects- Patriotic Quilts, from my collection. Love the way the maker did the curved/wavey borders and the central pattern.  Colors of red, cheddar and fugitive green. For the binding the back was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. Great to add to a collection. Eagle quilts are sometimes hard to find.  Massachusetts

(Item: Q-671)
Patriotic Red White  & Blue Lone Star - Exhibited- Sold

 This Lone Star quilt of colors of red, white and blue on an off white ground is a wonderful quilt to hang or display on a bed. Excellent condition. Hand quilted in a fan pattern. Quilted by hand at 6 spi.  Bound with the back turned to the front and stitched down by machine. This is probably a Robert Frank pattern of precut fabrics, the Robert Frank Needlework Company from Kalamazoo, Mi.  This company sold die cut diamonds in red, white and blue fabrics to make stars quilts.  Nice quilt to add to collection. This quilt is one  from my collection that was exhibited at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas- 2010 in the America Collects-Patriotic Quilts exhibit. It has also been exhibited at the American Quilters Show in Nashville, Tn in 2000.

(Item: Q-650)
Stars and Bars w/ Border Quilt/ Exhibit 2010 SOLD

Offering this patriotic WWll quilt called Stars and Bars or Stars of Stripes. This pattern is also known as Liberty Stars. It may be an Aunt Martha pattern. This is one of the quilts exhibited this past year from my collection at International Quilt Festival, Houston Tesas, 2010,  in the "America Collects- Patriotic Quilts" Special Exhibit. The Houston, Texas show featured the exhibit of 31 pieces in the Special Exhibits area. The quilt is in excellent condition, having some slight fade as shown near the bottom edge star. It is hand quilted at 7-8 spi. There is a border of bars that adds to the quilts design, as shown.  The binding is old feedsack fabric, as it had been repalced at some time in it life. It is stitched on by hand. There are 5 pointed stars quilted in the ground areas.  The quilt displays well and is one of the popular WW ll quilt patterns. 

(Item: Q-648)
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